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I want to say that we have received the rulers and they are great! Thank you. I really appreciate the way you handled this order - swiftly and professionally and we are happy with the product! Thank you! that seems to be rare at the moment.

Sam Kamleh architecture:wk

Back to imperial after Brexit?

Back to imperial after Brexit?

With today’s result for Brexit, does that mean we’ll be able to use imperial measurements again?

While many people of a certain age still like to think about some measurements in imperial terms (myself included – tell me someone is 1.83m high and I’ll smile politely, albeit in a slightly puzzled way, tell me they’re 6 ft and I’ll know exactly what you mean), the younger generation appear to be quite happy with metric.

So who knows what will happen now?  The immediate reaction would be to say that we’ll carry on as we are now, with a largely metric system, but with imperial anomalies such as road signs in miles and beer in pints.  Perhaps though, if America (who still use an imperial system) became our main trading partner, we may drift back towards imperial again.

Either way, all of our promotional tape measures feature both metric and imperial measurements on their blades – making them an ideal promotional tool for everyone, regardless of how they like to think of a dozen, or twelve, eggs!