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Thanks for your e-mail I have just received delivery of the pencils and I have to say that the whole process has been really excellent. I am thrilled with the quality, and advice I had when choosing the colour for the text. Hope to work with you again in

Shirley Foulkes North Wales Tourism, Twristiaeth Gogledd Cymru

National Pencil Day - 30th March 2017

National Pencil Day - 30th March 2017

Many years have passed since a mystery black substance, which we now know as graphite, was discovered in Borrowdale in Cumbria.  The metallurgists of the time thought it to be a form of ‘black lead’ and the name stuck.

It was quickly discovered that black substance could be cut into strips and used to mark things.  The drawback with it was that it was very soft and broke easily, so people started to wrap it in various materials including string and hollowed out pieces of wood – thus the pencil, as we know it today, was created.

Since then pencils have proved themselves to be an essential tool that’s used by many people on a daily basis.  It is now estimated that 14 billion pencils are produced worldwide each year.

This Thursday (30th March) has been designated as ‘National Pencil Day’ and will give pencil lovers everywhere the chance to celebrate this remarkable and enduring product.

To mark the occasion, we are now offering the colour matching service on our Classic round wooden pencil for no extra charge.

Please contact us for more details about the colour matching service, or any of our promotional pencils