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“We were really pleased with the service that Building Link provided, turning our order round in very smart time, which in turn enabled us to share our seasonal thanks to our customers”

Ginny Lemarie Practicality Brown

Scale rulers for model railway enthusiasts

Scale rulers for model railway enthusiasts

Our British Model Railway Scale Rulers have always been a popular product with modellers both within and outside the UK.

They feature the four most popular model railway scales (OO, HO, N & O gauges) and come in both 150mm (6”) and 300mm (12”) sizes.

We have recently launched a new version of the ruler.  It still features the four favourite scales , but we’ve adapted the design so the scales go right to the edge of the ruler.  This means that it’s now easy to measure objects from ‘the ground up’.

A stick man, which is shown alongside each of the scales, illustrates the height of an average person (5’ 9” – 175cm), making it easy to check that the characters in the model are to scale with their surroundings.

The new style rulers are available through , along with E-bay and Amazon, alternatively contact us on 01206 272020 or e-mail us at